Legal Stuff

Privacy Policy

So, we want you to sign up on our site, but what are we doing with that information?

That’s an excellent question to ask, and one you should always demand of a site before you give out your name, pseudonym or email address.

Quite simply – we will only do with your information what you tell us we can do.

Registering for our website makes it easier for you to keep up with what we are doing. When you register, our information is maintained for the purpose of keeping record of subscribers. We will not share, sell, or give away your information.

We will not contact you unless 1. We need to as part of a function and moderation of this site, for example if we notice unusual posts through your sign-in and we suspect that your account could have been hacked. 2. You give us permission to by signing up for our Newsletter.

We will only share links that you advise us to share, for example in networking. If you decide to contribute to the site or we review your work or interview you as an author, we will link back to any blog, Facebook Pages, product pages, etc provided those links are applicable to the name you contribute/write under. What does that mean? If Jane Doe is a contributor and she also runs a Facebook Page, her own blog, and has a recent self-published book up on Amazon, we will link to these because we want Jane to get those link backs from us to her. However, if Jane Doe decides to submit an article to StreetWraith After Dark under the name Karen Buck, we will not reveal that Karen Buck is Jane Doe and we will not link back to any Jane Doe links on Karen Buck’s article.

We will not reveal who an author is if they write under a pen name. We will not share any personal or contact information, included but not limited to names, addresses, email address, age, date of birth, etc for any author we work with, any site contributor, any supporter, or any advertiser (outside of the ad and links for advertisement purposes). Attempting to ask us for it will get you no where and could get your account banned.

Bottom line, we value privacy, including yours.