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You can email us at if you have questions about the website. What kinds of things can you email us about?

Being a Contributor

Please review the Be a Contributor page for guidelines and then email us.

Be an Editor

If you would like to provide your editing services through StreetWraith Press, then please contact us at the email above. Include “Be an Editor” in the subject line so that we know why you are contacting us. When you email us, please advise us of your editing experience. If you have editing credits in a published work, please provide us the author(s) and title(s) so that we can review it. At this stage, do not submit an attachment. If we are interested in including you in our stable of editors, we will contact you and provide you a sample work to edit and request a resume from you.

Advertise With Us

Do you have a service or product that is related to writing, books, or reading? If you do, then we’d love to display that service for our readers. You can purchase ad space with us through Fiverr.

Submitting your work for review or requesting an interview

At this time, we are not accepting submissions for review. We may open this again in the future, but right now, we’re still working through our first submissions.

Becoming part of our Network

Do you have a blog that focuses on literature and/or independent and self-publishing? We would love to include you in our network of blogs and websites. Email us, with “Network” in the subject line with the website address and a one or two-line blurb about your site to include with the link. Connections to other blogs and sites are important because they help us and those we link to connect to more readers and writers. Because we have not only this blog, but our After Dark, Bay Side Stories, and our contributor’s and author’s blogs, please also indicate which site you want to link between. Please note that Network links to adult-oriented contact must be with either StreetWraith After Dark or an After Dark contributor or author.

Website Feedback

There are all kinds of things that go into a successful site. Maintaining the site is a lot of work, and often times the feedback we receive back from our visitors helps us to keep the site interactive, vibrant, and usable. If you notice any glaring errors, if a link is broken, or if you have other feedback about the website design and flow, feel free to drop us a line. Please include “Feedback” in the subject line.

Do you have something you want to tell us about a podcast or article

Please don’t email us about that. We want to hear about it, but that feedback is part of why we started StreetWraith Press. If you want to share feedback about a work, a podcast, an interview, or an article, please join us on Facebook & Google+ or in our LinkedIn group .

Anything Else Not Covered Here

Do you have something else not related to something above, or not related to an article or podcast? Maybe you are wanting to reach out to a contributor who directed you here. Maybe there is something else we didn’t think you would want to talk to us about. Please email us. We will take a look and get back to you.

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