StreetWraith Press has a store!

Actually, we have two stores, one for a wide variety of fiction, from mystery to paranormal romance. The other is for the steamier side of literature.


The StreetWraith Press store features independent authors of all genres, who choose our store to make their work available to you.

Our current authors are:

Lynn Perretta – Lynn Perretta is a contributing author for StreetWraith Press, giving you insightful literary reviews of self-published books. She has worked as a freelance writer for White Wolf Games Mage: the Ascension (revised). Her writing credits include (as Lynn Davis): Guide to the Traditions, Initiates of the Arts, Bitter Road, and Cult of Ecstasy (revised). Lynn has also written a series of articles for Polymancer Magazine titled “I Was Thinking of Making My Character…EVIL!” She is currently working on The Shulim Cycle, a modern paranormal romance, dark fantasy series that ties the distant past to the present, exploring predestination, fate, and hope. Her second novel in the series, The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan is available in e-Book and Soft Cover.

If you are looking for something steamy, and you are over 18, feel free to visit our After Dark store.



Here, you can find independent authors of erotic fiction who have chosen to make their stories available to you through our store.

Our current authors are:

Holle Dolce – Holle Dolce is an occasional contributor to StreetWraith After Dark. She enjoys exploring the ideas found within BDSM and expressing them in her writing. Her first collection of BDSM erotica is the short story series Heather in Haven. Holle also writes on Commission through Fiverr©. Her lastest release, On the Fives, is a collection of commissioned short stores, from readers like you. It is available in e-Book or Soft Cover.