Editing Services

StreetWraith Press now offers editing services.

Yes, that’s right.

Our mission is simple: provide independent and small-press authors affordable, quality editing services with flexibility to meet their sometimes very demanding time frames. We are also happy to extend those services beyond the indie-author community, to students, bloggers, and other content creators who may need editing services.

The Editing Services We Offer

Developmental (Content) Edit – This is a broad edit where the “big picture” of the work is assessed. We examine in detail the elements of fiction (plot, characterization, conflict, etc) and look for unresolved plot points, characterization issues, and inconsistencies. We examine the narrative voice and strength of dialogue. We also make recommendations of what type of things may need to be added to or cut from the work. We look for transitions within a scene (paragraph to paragraph) and address scene and chapter transitions, making recommendations for these as needed. Finally, we make note of any consistent grammatical issues so that those can be focused on in later edits. For example, if passive voice is over-used or used inappropriately, if adverb usage is high, etc. Recommendations about how to fix these issues will be included as part of the Developmental Edit.

One important thing to note about the Developmental Edit – we do not actually make the changes to your work. Once we have assessed the work provided to us, you will decide if you want to implement the recommended changes or not.

Line Edit – This is an intensive, line-by-line edit of your manuscript. The Line Edit addresses structural needs of prose – narrative voice, use of active/passive voice, transitions, phrasing, and sentence structure. This edit assumes that all Development needs of the story have been met. This edit will change the prose structure of the story, but will not change the story itself.

For a Line Edit, we make corrections to the draft and return it to you with changes tracked, so that you can keep or reverse changes if you desire.

Mechanical Edit – This is a very tedious edit and one that most authors dread to do. It is also very important to have if your work is to be polished and ready for publication. The purpose of the mechanical edit is to correct grammar and spelling issues. Unnecessary words (adverbs that are not needed for example) may be removed in this edit as well. The primary purpose of this edit, however, is not to change the form of the story and prose. It is only to fix any errors that have been missed on previous drafts. This is a final edit before you are ready to send the work off for publication – whether that is to an agent, a publisher, or submitting it to a self-publishing platform. A work submitted for a Mechanical Edit should have no Development needs and prose should be smooth so that no Line Edit is needed.

For a Mechanical edit, we make corrections to your work, returning the manuscript to you with tracked changes.



We offer our editing services through Fiverr.com. Please check out our Fiverr profile to see the services we offer. Due to Fiverr’s pricing methods, gigs are priced for short works. If you need a larger work edited, contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you pricing and look at what editing needs you have.

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