Still No Word on the Division of the Brangelina Moniker

So … news abounds through social media and, well, I cannot help but have an opinion on the matter. It is official, Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced. The couple have been interesting to say the least. Our love of Jennifer Anniston has caused the public to mostly cast shade at their relationship but the two of them have been an example as well – standing by your partner during challenging times (Angelina’s surgeries to avoid risk of cancer), opening your home and hearts to children who need you (adoption), and the joy of course of bringing a child of their own into the world.

The high profile couple is understandably quiet about the cause of the divorce. “Irreconcilable Differences,” aside from being a great movie from my childhood is also a broad catchall that can cover just about anything that might break up a marriage outside of the other things that break up marriages like infidelity. Hopefully the media will respect that *coughtabloidscough* since they have several children who also have to go through this. The child of divorcees myself, I am sensitive to what those children will be going through.

What I find interesting in that worst-of-humanity and ultra-feminist way is the way that people are talking about the divorce. I see articles that are pretty straight about what is happening – she filed for divorce, etc. I see a lot of snark, though, about how Jennifer Anniston must be feeling great, cheering, feelingba scheudenfraude, and other rather bitter and petty ideas.


Is that what we think of Jenn? Is she (long-since moved on with her life) just this poor, heartbroken wisp of a woman, her worth taken away from her when Brad left her for Angelina? Is her value as a human finally validated once again now that the romance that was Brangelina is now over? Is she finally able to be a whole person again?

Jennifer Anniston is a talented actress. Maybe she’s nice. I don’t really know. I’m not the kind of person that famous people hang out with – I’m not famous and I don’t know famous people. I can’t say much about her but I can say this.

It’s kind of crappy for us to assume she would behave in such a petty way.

It is terrible of us to continue to tie her identity up in a relationship that ended over a decade ago. She moved on.

Why haven’t we?

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