When You Screw Up

Did you know that beauty contestants are more than just pretty faces?

If you have ever paid attention to beauty contests like Miss America, then yes. We have seen contestants in the past from a wide variety of backgrounds, educational accomplishments, and careers. In this year’s competition, we saw a nurse (Miss Colorado), who appeared on stage for the Talent competition to give a monologue about her experience as a nurse.

Pretty cool.

On The View, two of the co-hosts decided to have a little fun at Miss Colorado’s expense. Later, Joy Behar stated that she did not know that Miss Colorado, aka Kelley Johnson, was a nurse.

You can read about this here.

Look, no one is perfect. I get that I really do. No matter how much prep you put into a show, you are going to make mistakes.

However, some mistakes show that you do not even both to do basic research.

Basic research would tell you that a Miss America contestant doing a monologue about being a nurse is, in fact, a nurse. That is something that going into your show you would then be able to remember. After all, how hard is it to remember that the person doing a monologue about nursing is a nurse. I mean, all the memory triggers are right there for you.

Research, a little common sense, or hey just the decency to listen to the monologue (we find out in the opening lines of her monologue “Every nurse has a patient that reminds them why they became a nurse in the first place. Mine was Joe” that she is a nurse. Pretty unambiguous if you ask me) before commenting would have saved you from this little PR nightmare.

Nurses are very important to the care of patients. Most of the care you receive comes from a nurse. They deserve respect. They deserve you listening to their monologue before you comment on it. They deserve you taking the time to even Google their names so that you know going into your segment that they are, in fact, nurses.

There was no excuse for what you did on your segment when you made fun of this nurse and showed her disrespect. You liked other performances better than her monologue. That is fine. Just say that. “She read her email out loud” and wondering why she is wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope” just lacks class. Saying that you did not know she was a nurse, Ms. Behar, really just makes it worse. That says you do not care enough about your job to take five minutes to do a little research. If you cannot be bothered to put a little effort into your job, why are you doing it?

Even this brief post had some research and watching behind it.

Yes, I even bothered to watch your segment.

This is why research is important. It helps ensure you don’t make mistakes like this. And when you still do, just apologize. Don’t make an excuse. Just admit that you done fucked up, apologize, and move on. Sometimes a simple apology is better than making yourself look lazy.

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