I’m coming back to a theme I’ve visited before.

A few times.


Because it’s an important theme.

When it come to fantasies, especially fantasies that women have, the ravishment fantasy is a big one. It gets other names, but I prefer not to use them. I think that those names do more harm than good when discussing the fantasy, creating not only blurry lines, but misunderstanding of what the fantasy actually is. When we misunderstand the fantasy, then as writers, we do not do it justice. We create stories that are not just problematic. They are irresponsible and disrespectful.

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This week, StreetWraith Press’ Nick reviews Mistaken Identity by Joy Mastroianni.

He gives a less-than glowing review of the novel. The heroine is dehumanized. The “hero” is abusive and disrespectful to her. The problems with this novel, however, are not unique, especially when it comes to erotica. Why do authors struggle to write erotica with empowered heroines, with clear consent, and themes that celebrate sexuality rather than demean it?

Nick gives Mistaken Identity 0 Heinigs. Which means, you won’t get to see the Heinig symbol until next week. In the meantime, feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments here or on YouTube, and don’t forget to go and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

You can purchase Mistaken Identity on Amazon.

Claiming Lauren is available on Amazon

I enjoy writing erotica. It is hard to explain but something happens when you move fantasies from your mind onto a page. It is a little intoxicating. It is scary the first time that you do it. It also creates a release. Penning an erotic story is not unlike an orgasm in a way. You have the same kind of build-up and release.

I am very picky about erotica that I read and enjoy. If you are going to sell me a steamy tale, I expect to be titillated. I expect to find your hero or heroine desirable. I expect to be drawn into your story, to want every part of their romance. When it comes to my own specialty, however, I am even more demanding. I do not just want the romance and excitement. I want the realities of the lifestyle as well.

No, you do not have to make me sit through six months of negotiations as a Dominant considers a potential submissive. However, I expect for that to be represented in some way. I expect the safety and sanity that is so important in the lifestyle to be respected, understood, and at the very least hinted to the reader.

I am not forgiving when I find BDSM erotica lacking in that regard.

Emily Ryan-Davis came highly recommended to me and finding myself with a few minutes between assignments, I decided pick up some of her stories. Because of my obvious interests, I chose a few of her BDSM erotica titles.

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Welcome to StreetWraith Press After Dark. If you’re here, it’s to  sample the erotic and adult-themed offerings that Self-Publishing has to offer.

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